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Cloud-based architectural surveys and historic resource inventory management.

Tired of searching for the paperwork you need? Tired of chasing down someone who can get it for you? Wouldn't it be easier just to have all your records and surveys where you can find them?

Welcome to the answer.
All your historic property information where you need it, when you need it.

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RuskinARC keeps all of your records, pictures, plans and documents in one place and available anywhere you are; in your office when filling out grant proposals, in planning meetings while trying to convince the city to save a historic landmark and during outreach events when you want your community to care about their built heritage.

You have limited resources, don't waste them on chasing down records. RuskinARC makes it easy to record and find information about historic properties, which will save you time and money.

All of your paper forms are out of date the minute they're printed. But it doesn't have to be like that. With RuskinARC, keeping records up to date is as easy as click, type, save. Your records get more valuable over time, not less.

With our easy export, you still have access to all the forms you need without all the physical storage.


RuskinARC has revolutionized our preservation planning work.

We've used it professionally for over 800 buildings. Nothing to install. It's efficient, easy, and complete. The best part is capturing information while I'm in the field, even photos. Thank you!"
-- BB (Planner), Kansas

A powerful field-based tool for historic inventories.

Recently we started using RuskinARC to get survey work done, into planning, and out to the public. Far more efficient than our old way. What a wonderful tool for preservation, planning, and outreach."
-- SG (Planner), Texas

We've saved thousands of dollars

and cut our reporting and survey time in half. Instead of"dead", inaccessible reports we use RuskinARC professionally for nominations, design review, historic resource inventories, and tracking our valuable historic architecture."
-- FR (District Coordinator), Kentucky

This has proven to be an invaluable tool

RuskinARC and its team greatly helped us in the documentation, analysis and presentation of a significant heritage resource study, and we will no doubt be using the software for future projects of this kind. "
-- AC (Architecture firm), Toronto, Canada


New features

April 2013
RuskinARC generates an instant Catalog view! Looks good even on paper. Hit "print" to take a look.

March 2013
RuskinARC now generates survey forms for Kentucky, West Virginia, and more.

Read more about how we can generate survey or report forms for you.

Feb 2013
RuskinARC now produces California DPR523A and 523B survey forms!

Jan 2013
The interactive map shows properties designated at National, State/Province, and Local levels.

Jan 2013
New clients... RuskinARC is now in use by cities, planners, and CRM firms in the US and Canada.

Jan 2013
Clients can now record sale or lease information properties ... contact information, terms, descriptions. Mapped just like everything else.

Jan 2013
Identify and describe Endangered historic properties.

Dec 2012
Optimizations for faster, more responsive live maps.

Dec 2012
Record feature or tour destination sites and provide hours, contact, amenities, etc.

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