819 N Sweetzer Ave West Hollywood, CA USA

819 N Sweetzer Ave

Construction date: 1928*






Tudor Revival

Historical Summary:

The structures located at 819 through 825-1/2 N. Sweetzer contain traditional courtyard housing elements. They surround a landscaped courtyard which contains a fish pond and ceremonial gateways which serves as a focus for the housing units. The courtyard has always been an open, landscaped area. Many of the units directly access the courtyard. The buildings were constructed during 1924-26 and were positioned to create a central courtyard. The buildings are constructed in the Tudor Revival and shingle cottage styles. The Tudor buildings have steeply hipped roofs, heavy wood timbers, and diamond leaded glass windows.The shingle cottages have gambrel roofs with shed dormers. Decorative detailing is used sparingly.


Status of Historic Designation:

Designated at Local level : West Hollywood Cultural Resource

Status Code:


Architectural Description:

This is a 2-story house in the Tudor Revival style built in 1928. The building is u in plan.

* Date source: Los Angeles County Office of the Assessor

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