1127 Horn Ave West Hollywood, CA USA

Sunset Patios

Construction date: 1949*

Current name:

Sunset Patios


Edward H. Fickett




Modern Movement

Historical Summary:

1127 Horn was designed by Edward Fickett. This vernacular modernist apartment building has an irregularly L-shaped building plan consisting of two wings that wrap around a large courtyard with a swimming pool. At the building's south facade abutting the courtyard, the walls and roof zigzag, creating a sawtooth plan. Balconies at the second story overlook the courtyard. Other features of the apartment building and site are highly characteristic of the work of architect Edward H. Fickett, including: low-pitched or broad sloping roofs, a mix of natural and synthetic materials such as stone, stucco, fiberglass, steel and wood, a swimming pool as the courtyard's focal point, and lush subtropical plantings that include banana trees, palms, yuccas, and large bird of paradise throughout the site.


Status of Historic Designation:

Designated at Local level : West Hollywood Cultural Resource

Status Code:


Architectural Description:

This is a 2-story house in the Modern Movement style built in 1949. The building is l in plan.

* Date source: Los Angeles County Office of the Assessor

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