902 N Kings Rd West Hollywood, CA USA

Rootenberg-Markham House

Construction date: 1952*

Current name:

Rootenberg-Markham House


Josef Van der Kar





Historical Summary:

The building located at 902 N. Kings Road was designed by Josef Van der Kar and built in 1952. The property contains a one-story residential building designed in the International Style. The property embodies distinctive characteristics of the International Style. Specifically, the building is characteristic of its period and style, Post-World War II Case Study House modernism. Elements that represent this stylistic identity include horizontal clerestory windows; walls of glass surrounding a courtyard with the flat roof supported by steel poles. The building is one of the few examples of the Post-World War II modernism that were built in West Hollywood and further one of the few that remain.


Status of Historic Designation:

Designated at Local level : West Hollywood Cultural Resource

Status Code:


Architectural Description:

This is a 1-story house in the International style built in 1952. The building is rectangular in plan.

* Date source: Los Angeles County Office of the Assessor

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