1200 N Vista St West Hollywood, CA USA

Great Hall/Long Hall

Construction date: 1937*

Current name:

Great Hall/Long Hall


Edward C.N. Brett




Spanish Colonial Revival

Significant Owner(s):

County of Los Angeles


Status of Historic Designation:

Designated at National level : National Register of Historic Places
Designated at State/Province level

Status Code:



West Hollywood 1926 - World War II

Period of Significance:



Great Hall/Long Hall is an example of the expansion and improvement program of recreational facilities as a result of funding from the WPA, initiative from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, and efforts from the Los Angeles County Planning Commission and Los Angeles County Department of Recreation Camps and Playgrounds.

The Spanish Colonial Revival style features of the building include an asymmetrical primary elevations, multi-gabled roof form, a red clay tile roof, smooth stucco exterior cladding, arched doorways, decorative vents, and wrought ironwork.

Architectural Description:

This is a 1-story multipurpose public building in the Spanish Colonial Revival style built in 1937. The building is irregular in plan. Exterior walls are stucco. The building has a multi-plane/complex roof clad in terra-cotta tiles with box cornice. The east-facing facade consists of a set of three aluminum windows with metal security bars as well as three individual aluminum windows with metal security bars and wood shutters. The east-facing facade has two entries. The entry on the north end is beneath a pent roof supported by square metal columns, accessed by two concrete steps, and consists of a metal door. The entry on the south side consists of a set of arched metal security double doors.

* Date source: Los Angeles County Office of the Assessor

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