City of Abilene, Texas

  • 520-542 N 9th St
  • 742 Amarillo St
  • 1546 N 14th St
  • 1166 N 2nd St
  • 1842 N 5th St
  • 266-274 Cypress St
  • 526 College Dr
  • 517 W Washington St

The city of Abilene, Texas boasts many historic buildings from the late Victorian hardscrabble beginnings of the town, to Gothic Revival high-rises, and mid-century modern commercial buildings.

In 2012, the Texas Historical Commission provided a matching grant to update the existing survey of the city council list of the most important landmarks in Abilene.

This is an on-going effort to keep this survey publicly accessible and provide the most up to date information about these resources.

If you have any additional information or comments about the survey or any buildings that you feel are a historic or cultural resource to Abilene, please feel free to contact Hayden Brodowsky, Planner I, who is the Historic Preservation Officer for the city.

Architectural Styles
Craftsman 65
Prairie School 37
Folk/Traditional 32
Building Types
Rectangular 153
Bungalow 76
Irregular/asymmetrical-plan 55
David Castle 23
Nicholl & Cambell 1
Leo Dielman (San Antonio) 1
Domestic building 303
Commercial building 112
House 2