Bridge N 19th St Middlesboro, Kentucky US

North 19th Street Bridge

Construction date: ca. 1910-1919

Current name:

North 19th Street Bridge

Historical Summary:

A wooden bridge with walkways on either side appears on the 1891 through 1907 Sanborn maps. By 1913, however, the walkways to either side were gone and a narrow wooden bridge in the middle is all that remained. By 1923 this had been replaced by a concrete culvert and concrete arch bridge the same length as the street. Some details such as the concrete panel railings above street level are similar to the 20th Street bridge built by the Luten Bridge Company a few years earlier. The structure, however, is quite different from the 20th Street bridge.


Status of Historic Designation:

Not currently designated at national, state, or local level

Architectural Description:

This structure is a bridge built in the period 1910-1919.

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