208 Lothbury Ave Middlesboro, Kentucky US

208 Lothbury Ave

Historical Summary:

A one-story “Shed” first appeared between 1901 and 1907. By 1913 this had been replaced by a two-story “Grocery” store. When the corner building at North 19th St and Lothbury Ave was destroyed by a fire in 1915, it likely affected the building at 208 Lothbury Ave too, for by the next Sanborn map in 1923 a one-story “Express Office” is located here. The 1926 City Directory showed the “S.E. Express Co.” here. The 1931 Sanborn showed a “Restaurant.” In the 1934 City Directory “Luther’s Lunch” operated by Luther Meyers was here on Lothbury Ave.

Later this building was demolished and today the lot is a surface parking lot.


Status of Historic Designation:

Not currently designated at national, state, or local level

Architectural Description:

This site is a lot/parcel.

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