2121 Cumberland Ave Middlesboro, Kentucky US

2121 Cumberland Ave

Current name:

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Three-part vertical block, 20th Century Commercial

Historical Summary:

A building first appeared between the 1923 and 1931 Sanborn maps. In the 1926 Sanborn the “Sanitary Milk Company” had their business here. The 1931 Sanborn showed a three-story Auto Sales & Service business fronting Cumberland Ave. A one-story garage extended behind the three-story building and extended most of the way towards the lot line. In the 1934 City Directory “Moore Chevrolets” was listed here.

“Rennebaum Motor Company” was located here in the late 1940s. In 1901 Adolph H. Rennebaum was a founding member of the Yellow Creek Coal and Lumber Company along with E.S. Helburn, Joe Bosworth, and J.G. Fitzpatrick. They all remained active in civic affairs for the next half century, and were often called the “Yellow Creek Crowd.” The City Directory shows A.H. Renebaum as a “coal opr” with his house at 2326 Cumberland Ave. By the 1934 City Directory, Adolph Rennebaum was listed as a “retired capitalist” living at the same house.

In 1934, Craig and Emma Ralston were managers of the Rennebaum Motor Company that was located on Fitzpatrick Ave at the time.

Crater City Adventure Company opened here in 2015.


Status of Historic Designation:

Designated at National level : 1982, Middlesboro Commercial District, N.R.
Designated at Local level : 1989, Downtown Middlesborough Historic District

Architectural Description:

This is a 3-story, 4-bay commercial building in the 20th Century Commercial style. The structural system is masonry. The foundation is undetermined. Exterior walls are original brick and original brick. The building has a flat with parapet roof. Windows are original wood, 1/1 double-hung sashes. Upper Level

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