307 Adams St Galena, Illinois USA


Construction date: approximate 1850

Current name:



Side gable, Vernacular


Status of Historic Designation:

Designated at National level : Galena Historic District

Area(s) of Significance:


Evaluation of Potential Eligibility:

Potentially eligible as a contributing resource

Architectural Description:

This is a 1.5-story domestic building in the Vernacular style built ca. 1850. The foundation is limestone covered in concrete. Exterior walls are aluminum siding. The building has a side-gable roof clad in asphalt shingles. Windows are original or historic; contemporary wood; vinyl 1/1; 6-light double- or Singe-hung; awning. The porch is contemporary, Full-width, two- or more stories; Wood materials; Shed roof; Square supports. Doors are original or historic wood paneled.

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