100 Bouthillier St Galena, Illinois USA

Commercial building

Construction date: documented 1899*


Charles Holz


Two-part commercial block .

Bay window

Historical Summary:

Galena Daily Gazette
29 July 1899

Will Erect a Building

Otto Salloman Purchases Lots Near the Illinois Central Depot for the Purpose

It is Mr. Salloman’s Intention to Conduct a Restaurant, and Work on the Building Will Begin at Once

Some time ago mention was made in these columns that it was rumored on the street that Otto Salloman had purchased some lots near the Illinois Central water tank on which he would erect a building. For once, at least, Dame Rumor told the truth, for that is exactly what Mr. Salloman has done and is going to do. In the first place, he has purchased four lots across the street from the Illinois Central passenger depot of L. M. Johnson, having an aggregate frontage of 96 feet and extending back toward the hill 120 feet.

Next Monday Alderman Charles Holz and his crew of mechanics will begin the erection of a very handsome and commodious building for Mr. Salloman on these lots. The building will be twenty feet wide and fifty-four feet in length and two stories high. It will be composed of a wooden frame covered with galvanized steel so formed as to represent cut stone. The front will be in ornamental design with a bay window at the second story after the style of the Hotel Grant front. A corner main entrance similar to the one in the Hunkins building occupied by O. C. Kraehmer’s jewelry store will be a characterizing feature of the front, in connection with a plate glass filling in the entire remaining portion of the front on the lower floor.

Significant Owner(s):

Otto Salloman


Status of Historic Designation:

Designated at National level : Galena Historic District

Area(s) of Significance:


Evaluation of Potential Eligibility:

Potentially eligible as a contributing resource

Architectural Description:

This is a 2-story restaurant built in 1899. The building is rectangular in plan. The foundation is limestone. Exterior walls are ornamental concrete block; wood clapboard/siding;. The building has a flat roof clad in membrane. Windows are original or historic; contemporary wood; vinyl 1/1 fixed; double- or single-hung; storefront. Doors are original or historic wood; vinyl glazed; recessed entry/Corner entry; Double Door with transom; sidelights.

* Date source: Galena Daily Gazette - 29 July 1899

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