Normandy Isles Historic District (National)

  • 940 Biarritz Dr
  • 1258 Marseille Dr
  • 6835 Rue Versailles Dr
  • 1141 71st St
  • 925-935 Marseille Dr
  • 1135-1145 Marseille Dr
  • 1268 Marseille Dr
  • 1188 Marseille Dr

The Normandy Isles Historic District comprises the southern and eastern portions of two distinct islands, the Isle of Normandy on the south and that portion of Normandy Shores along South Shore Drive on the north which borders the Normandy Shores Golf Course. The two sections are separated from one another by Normandy Waterway, which, along with Indian Creek Waterway, are navigable channels connecting the islands to Biscayne Bay.

The plan of the district features a well-defined commercial area in the immediate vicinity of
Vendome Plaza along 71st Street and Normandy Drive, with a surrounding neighborhood
of multiple dwelling residential buildings. The contributing buildings represent a variety of
styles including Mediterranean Revival, Moderne, Masonry Vernacular, and Post-War
Modern styles, many of which exhibit distinct local adaptations that have become
recognized as “Miami Modernism” (MiMo).

Architectural Styles
Post War Modern 49
Vernacular 20
Other 18
Building Types
Apartment/multi-unit complex 118
Rectangular 1
Gerard Pitt 9
G. M. Fein 6
Frank Wyatt Woods 6
Multi-family residence 131
Commercial building 42
Vacant lot 3