928 Euclid Ave Miami Beach, Florida USA

928 Euclid Ave

Construction date: ca. 1940-1949


Art Deco.

symmetrical facade; round floral ornament above second floor eyebrow on the east elevation; eyebrow; stepped parapet; fluted ziggurat ornamentation centered on parapet wall; elevated entryway; wave-like eyebrow over entry; ziggurat roofline;


Status of Historic Designation:

Designated at National level : Miami Beach Architectural District
Designated at Local level : Flamingo Park Historical District

Architectural Description:

This is a 2-story apartment building in the Art Deco style built in the period 1940-1949. Exterior walls are original stucco and original stucco. The building has a flat roof with parapet walls. Windows are replacement aluminum jalousie. The primary entryway is a glass door centered and elevated on the east facade in a slightly projecting mass.

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