200-208 Clinton Ave Oak Park, Illinois USA

E. F. Burton Rowhouses

Construction date: documented 1892*


Willet and Pashley


Rowhouse, Queen Anne.

Turrets, bays, arches, brackets

Historical Summary:

The E. F. Burton Rowhouses consist of 200 S Clinton, 202 S Clinton, 204 S Clinton, 206 S Clinton, and 208 S Clinton.

This grouping of five attached residences illustrates the variety of forms and details typically found on Queen Anne style detached houses. Despite their apparent diversity the unites are related throught he symmetry of the two end-unit bays, the pattern of dormers, and the continuous eaves. The varies materials, eclectic architectural vocabulary, and distinctive entrances create a lively facade. The corner unit features a Romanesque entrance and corner oriel.

The Village contains four other rowhouse groupings: 313-319 S Maple Ave, 100-110 S Home Ave., 115-121 N Kenilworth Ave, and 200-208 Forest Ave (Ridgeland Revealed p32).

Significant Owner(s):

E. F. Burton


Status of Historic Designation:

Designated at National level : Ridgeland/Oak Park National Register District 1983
Designated at Local level : Ridgeland/Oak Park Historic District 1994

Rating or Rank:


Evaluation of Potential Eligibility:

Potentially eligible as a contributing resource

Architectural Description:

This is a 2.5-story single-family residence in the Queen Anne style built in 1892. The structural system is masonry. The foundation is stone. Exterior walls are original brick and original stone. Wood shingles in bays and turrets. The building has a side gables; front gables roof clad in replacement asphalt shingles and brackets and Five multiple dormers. Round turrets, high gable, hip-roofed and gabled dormers. There is one side left, side slope, brick chimney and one side right, exterior, metal flue chimney. Also three central brick chimneys on front slope. Windows are original wood, 1/1 double-hung sashes. Several arched windows and transom windows. There is a single-story open porch characterized by a shed roof clad in asphalt shingles with doric wood posts. Recessed arched entry on 200; platform/stoop on 202, partial width open porch with shed roof and Doric columns on 204; full-width porch with modern railings on 206; partial-width open porch with turned wood columns on 208. Recessed entry door under arched openings at 200; Single entry door at 202; Double entry doors at 204; Single entry door with transom at 206; Double entry doors with single transom at 208.

* Date source: Historical Society of Oak Park & River Forest

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