747 S Ridgeland Ave Oak Park, Illinois USA

747 S Ridgeland Ave

Construction date: documented 1908*


Frank O. DeMoney


S. T. Gunderson & Sons


S. T. Gunderson & Sons


Foursquare, Craftsman

Historical Summary:

747 S Ridgeland Ave (originally S 64th Ave) is a contributing building within the Gunderson Historic District. It was designed by Frank O. DeMoney and built by developer S. T. Gunderson & Sons in 1908.


Status of Historic Designation:

Designated at National level : Gunderson Historic District
Designated at Local level : Gunderson Historic District

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Architectural Description:

This is a 2.5-story single-family residence in the Craftsman style built in 1908. The building is rectangular in plan. The structural system is box frame. The foundation is stone. Exterior walls are modern vinyl siding. The building has a high hip roof clad in replacement asphalt shingles with box cornice and three hip-roofed dormers. Three dormers located on north, east and south sides of facade. There is offset left, straddle ridge, round metal flue and one rear, rear slope, brick chimney. Windows are replacement vinyl, 1/1 double-hung sashes. Second floor bay at front facade. There is a single-story, full-width enclosed porch characterized by a low sloped hip roof roof clad in asphalt shingles with covered by siding posts.

* Date source: Village of Oak Park building permit archives.

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