855 Lake St Oak Park, Illinois USA

Scoville Manor Hotel

Construction date: documented 1926*


Harry P. Mozier


Apartment/multi-unit complex, Tudor Revival.

Tudor Revival elements on the front façade include the parapet and decorative stonework below the windows.

Historical Summary:

855 Lake Street, historically known as the Scoville Manor Hotel, is a five-story apartment hotel that was constructed in 1926 for architect/owner Harry P. Mozier. Mozier added a penthouse unit on the roof in 1927. The building name was changed to the Scoville Park Hotel around 1952. In 1961 the canopy over the front entrance was added and the building name was changed again, this time to the Oak Hotel. The property address was changed from 839 to 855 at the request of the property owners, which necessitated Unity Temple to change their address from 845 to 875.

Significant Owner(s):

Harry P. Mozier


Status of Historic Designation:

Designated at National level : Ridgeland-Oak Park Historic District
Designated at Local level : Ridgeland-Oak Park Historic District

Architectural Description:

This is a 6-story, 5-bay apartment building in the Tudor Revival style built in 1926. The structural system is masonry. Exterior walls are brick and stone. The building has a flat with parapet roof. The front portion of the of the building is six stories but the majority is five stories. A penthouse apartment is located on the roof of the five story portion, not visible from directly in front of the building. Windows are steel, 2/8 casements. The primary entrance is centrally located on the front façade.

* Date source: Village of Oak Park building permit archives.

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