140 S Oak Park Ave Oak Park, Illinois USA

140 S Oak Park Ave

Construction date: documented 1925*


Roy Hotchkiss


Guy & McClintock


Tudor Revival

Historical Summary:

This block of S Oak Park Ave consisted primarily of residences in 1908 (see 1908 Sanborn map), but transitioned to commercial buildings in the following decades. This building was previously listed as 138-142 S Oak Park Ave, 138-140 S Oak Park Ave, and 144 S Oak Park Ave. The dwelling at this location was listed 118 S Oak Park Ave and then 116 S Oak Park Ave (1908). This was replaced by the current building, consisting originally of four storefronts, in 1925. The current building was designed by architect Roy Hotchkiss and built by Guy & McClintock for original owner Theo B. Prescott.

Significant Owner(s):

Theo B. Prescott


Status of Historic Designation:

Designated at National level : Ridgeland-Oak Park Historic District
Designated at Local level : Ridgeland-Oak Park Historic District

Architectural Description:

This is a 1-story restaurant in the Tudor Revival style built in 1925. The structural system is masonry. The foundation is brick. Exterior walls are brick and stucco and wood half-timbering. The front-facing gable end has stucco and half-timbering in the Tudor Revival style. The building has a flat with parapet and gabled bay roofs roof clad in asphalt shingles. From the front, the building appears to have a cross-gable roof. However, the majority of the roof behind the parapet is flat. Windows are modern, 1-light fixed. The windows across the front of the commercial building have been replaced and are different dimensions than the original storefront windows. A historic dormer window with diamond pane glass is found at the right end of the front facade. A second dimaonf pane window is located in the front-facing gable end. As the building originally featured four storefronts but now features one restaurant, doors have been altered over the years. Based on historic photographs, doors appear to have been located at the right end under the dormer, at the center, and at the left end under the gable. While the doors, themselves, have changed, doors still appear in these three locations. The door under the dormer was covered over ca. 2008 but may still be extant.

* Date source: Village of Oak Park building permit archives.

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