City of Abilene - Historic Buildings and Districts

  • 2418 Cedar St
  • 542 S 7th St
  • 341 Pecan St
  • 1537 N 6th St
  • 341 Pine St
  • 682 College Dr
  • 1326 Highland Ave
  • 1866 Belmont Blvd

Welcome to the City of Abilene, Texas! Abilene boasts many historic buildings from the late Victorian hardscrabble beginnings of the town, to Gothic Revival high-rises and mid-century modern commercial buildings.

In 2012, the Texas Historical Commission provided a matching grant to update the previous survey of the city's historic neighborhoods and buildings. This is an on-going effort to make the results of this survey publicly accessible and provide the most up-to-date information on these historic resources.

If you have any additional information or comments about the survey or any buildings that you feel are a historic or cultural resource to Abilene, please feel free to contact the City of Abilene Planning & Development Services Department.

(325) 676-6230
City of Abilene Planning & Development Services Dept.
555 Walnut Street
P.O. Box 60
Abilene, Texas 79604-0060

Architectural Styles
Craftsman 65
Prairie School 37
Folk/Traditional 32
Building Types
Rectangular 153
Bungalow 76
Irregular/asymmetrical-plan 55
David Castle 23
Nichols & Cambell 1
Philip Hubert Frohman 1
Domestic building 303
Commercial building 112
Designed landscape 2