Historic Resources of the Rawson Circle/Park Neighborhoods

  • 913 Rosedale Ave
  • 915 9th Ave
  • 1010 W 2nd Ave
  • 410 5th Ave
  • 627 5th Ave
  • 911 5th Ave
  • 1011 W 4th Ave
  • 803 Rosedale Ave

Welcome to the Rawson Circle/Park Neighborhoods Historic Resources Survey, 2014-2015 in Albany, Dougherty County, Georgia.

Known as the Garden District, Rawson Circle developed during the early- to mid-20th century, introducing popular suburban development ideals to Albany such as winding streets, picturesque house sites, and larger lots. Architectural styles found in Rawson Circle include English Vernacular Revival, Colonial Revival, Craftsman and Minimal Traditional. Renowned architect, and Albany native, Edward Vason Jones designed several homes in Rawson Circle featuring neoclassical stylistic influences.

The Rawson Park neighborhood, adjacent to Rawson Circle, developed during the 1950s and 1960s. Unlike the winding streets of Rawson Circle, this neighborhood features a grid street pattern and smaller lots. The majority of the residential types within Rawson Park are Ranch Houses and bungalows featuring English Vernacular Revival or Colonial Revival styles.

This site is an effort to keep the historic resources survey of these neighborhoods publicly accessible. We encourage the public to contact us with questions, comments, and/or any information pertaining to your property that you feel may contribute to the interpretation of the historic development and significance of your neighborhood. Historic photographs are excellent additions too!

SURVEY UPDATES: The History, Inc. team has completed approximately 1/3 of the survey area. Tift Park, Rawson Circle, and portions of Rawson Park have been photographed and documented to date. Data entry for each of the resources surveyed is ongoing.

A special thanks to the Rawson Circle/Park fall kickoff cookout! It was wonderful meeting everyone!

Contact Information:
History, Incorporated

Architectural Styles
No Academic Style 401
Plain-Style (ranch and split-level houses) 125
Colonial Revival 116
Building Types
Ranch 279
Extended american small house 131
English cottage revival 102
Edward Vason Jones 4
Rayburn Webb 3
Hentz, Adler and Shutze 2
For Sale
Residential 7
Encroaching Development 10
Abandonment 9
Vacancy 7
House 648
Duplex 96
Apartment building 34