631 5th Ave Albany, Georgia United States

Leggett House

Construction date: 1930*


Georgian house, Colonial Revival

Historical Summary:

Constructed the same year as its neighbor (635 5th Avenue). Both are mirror images of one another.


Status of Historic Designation:

Not currently designated at national, state, or local level

Evaluation of Potential Eligibility:

Individually eligible

Architectural Description:

This is a 2-story house in the Colonial Revival style built in 1930. The structural system is frame. The foundation is continuous brick. Exterior walls are original brick veneer. The building has a low side gable roof clad in asphalt shingles. Windows are historic wood, 6/6 double-hung sashes.

* Date source: "On the Avenues" The Albany Herald, 10/26/2008, 1935 aerial photograph

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