Flamingo Park Historic District (Local)

  • 660 A Washington Ave
  • 1435 Washington Ave
  • 1035 Washington Ave
  • 501-507 12th St
  • 1026 Euclid Ave
  • 950 Euclid Ave
  • 1120 Pennsylvania Ave
  • 801 Meridian Ave

The Flamingo Park Historic District was designated in 1990. In 1992, Lincoln Road between Lenox Avenue and the centerline of Collins Avenue was added to this district. A small expansion area along Alton Road was added to this district in 2008.

The basic form and layout of the district was established during the early platting of property between 1912 and 1916. The majority of the buildings within the district were not constructed until after the land bust of 1926 and the depression of 1929. This second major period of construction lasted from 1930 through World War II up to 1948-49.

Architectural design followed the public's fascination with machinery, and the simplified form and ornamentation were well suited to the new economic and social conditions in Miami Beach. Smaller buildings, catering to the more modest means of middle-class visitors arid seasonal residents were constructed rapidly in great numbers to meet the increasing population of Miami Beach. This is the primary reason for the consistency of ·buildings in the· expanded district. Of the 632 historic buildings remaining in the expanded district, 530 (84%) were constructed between 1930 and 1949. A small group of architects (Anis, Dixon, Hohauser, Brown, Robertson, Schoppel, Pfeiffer, Ellis, France, Hall, ·Pancoast and Henderson) designed the majority of the historic buildings remaining within the expanded district.

Architectural Styles
Art Deco 344
Other 202
Mediterranean Revival 179
Building Types
Apartment/multi-unit complex 334
Residence 56
Commercial 7
Henry Hohauser 54
L. Murray Dixon 52
T. Hunter Henderson 35
For Sale
Mixed 6
Commercial 2
Apartment building 622
Commercial building 120
Single-family residence 70