1052 Ocean Dr Miami Beach, Florida USA

Waves Hotel

Construction date: documented 1950*

Current name:

Congress Hotel (building 4/5)


M. Tony Sherman


Julius Bloch


Apartment/multi-unit complex, Miami Modern.

Porthole windows on east elevation; Asymmetrical facade; Rakish roof angle; Rakish wall angles along balconies of south elevation; Open balconies and catwalks; Vertical metal pipes at northeast corner

Significant Owner(s):

Waves Hotel Inc. (original)


Status of Historic Designation:

Designated at Local level : Ocean Drive/Collins Avenue District, 1986

Area(s) of Significance:

Community Planning and Development

Associated Files:

Architectural Description:

This is a 2-story, multiple-bay domestic building in the Miami Modern style built in 1950. The building is rectangular in plan. The structural system is concrete block stucco. The foundation is spread footing. Exterior walls are original stucco. Decorative metal piping; Non-original signage on primary facade. The building has a flat roof. Roofline stands out from surrounding buildings for its acute angle. Windows are replacement aluminum fixed. 2 porthole windows on the second floor and 5 porthole windows on the first floor of primary facade; Large window panes run the entire length of the balcony on the second floor of the south elevation. Small walkway in front of the east elevation of the building, closed in by handrail. No primary entryway on Ocean Drive facade; Staircase at northeast corner located just behind a gate, giving private access to apartments; Primary entryway is now through the one of the other Congress Hotel complex buildings.

* Date source: City of Miami Beach Building Department records

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