Ocean Drive-Collins Avenue Historic District (Local)

  • 1100 Ocean Dr
  • 500 Ocean Dr
  • 1250 Ocean Dr
  • 720 Ocean Dr
  • 820 Collins Ave
  • 1801 Collins Ave
  • 953 Collins Ave
  • 640 Collins Ave

In 1986, the Miami Beach City Commission voted to designate the area bordered by 6th Street to the South, the Erosion Control Line (Beach) on the east, Collins Court on the west, and roughly 16th Street on the north, as a historic preservation district. this is the oldest locally designated district in Miami Beach.

This area is highly representative of a distinct period in Miami Beach's history. The area's development pattern and architecture is reflective of its physical setting, prevalent architectural styles of the 1930's, the aspirations of its original developers, and the changing economic conditions of the nation and the local community. the area was planned and developed as a resort destination and was constructed within a short amount of time. As a result there is a high concentration of distinct resort architecture typical of the 1930s. the hotels from this period were clearly designed to take advantage of their proximity to the beach.

Architectural Styles
Art Deco 88
Other 61
Miami Modern 36
Building Types
Apartment/multi-unit complex 72
Collins avenue hotel 49
Ocean drive hotel 40
L. Murray Dixon 26
Henry Hohauser 17
Albert Anis 17
Domestic building 135
Commercial building 34
Hotel 28