1111 Collins Ave Miami Beach, Florida USA

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domestic building
1111 Collins Ave
Miami Beach
Zip/Postal Code:
Other Address or Location Information:
Parcel/Tax number or land unit:
Local place name:
Setting/Landscape/Site Features:
Acreage, parcel, land unit size:
Quad/Map name and date:
54S / 42E / 03
Visible from Public Road?
Historical Information
Historic name:
Tudor Hotel
Current name:
Tudor Hotel
Construction Date (range/estimated):
Construction Date Certainty:
Known Construction Date:
Source for Known Construction Date:
Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser
L. Murray Dixon
Prufert-Wien Construction Company
Significant Owner(s):
Sidney A. Wien (original)
Historical Summary:
Extant Status:
Not Demolished
Architectural Style and Form
Plan/Footprint Shape:
Building Form or Plan Type (core plan):
Collins Avenue Hotel
Style, Primary:
Art Deco
Style, Secondary:
Streamlined Moderne
Notes on architectural style, form, distinguishing features:
Symmetrical tripartite facade design with southwest corner of the building as the center; Continuous eyebrows rounded at corners; Building itself is rounded at its southwest corner; Ziggurat parapet roofline; "Tudor Hotel" neon signage poised vertically and rises far above roofline; Vertical stripes in fluted pilasters on either side of central bay (building's corner); Interior and exterior multi-colored terrazzo floor designs; Low-relief horizontal banding beneath second and third floor level windows and along cornice; Pink (exterior) and green (interior) oolitic limestone veneer heavily used as ornamentation.
Architectural Elements and Features
Number of Stories:
Structural System:
Concrete Block Stucco
Spread footing
Building Size:
82' 4" x 134' 8"
Square footage/meters:
32,500 (approximate)
Roof Configuration:
Flat with parapet
Roof Material
Roof remarks/description:
Eave Type:
Eave Ornamentation:
Dormer Count:
Dormer Configuration:
Exterior Wall Material (primary):
Oolitic limestone
Exterior Wall Material (secondary):
Notes on exterior materials:
Extensive use of pink coral stone as decorative veneer on the southwest corner of the building's facade, around the primary entryway on the porch, along the wall lining the porch as well as the porch balustrade; Extensive use of green coral rock along the walls of the lobby areas
Principal Windows::
replacement aluminum
Window Panes/Lights:
Window Type:
Window remarks:
Chimney remarks/description:
Chimney Count (first):
Chimney Placement 1:
Chimney Count (second):
Chimney Placement 2:
Porch description, characteristics, details:
Wrap-around porch recessed into the western half of the south elevation and wraps around slightly to the west elevation; Highly ornate multi-colored terrazzo floor designs; Pink coral stone veneer; Surrounded by large balustrade with large blocks of the same pink coral stone and evenly-spaced patterns of three adjoining masonry portholes flanked on either side by fluting in the coral rock; Top and bottom of the balustrade are also of low-relief, creating horizontal banding
Porch Height, Stories:
Porch Configuration:
corner wrap-around
Porch Type:
open porch
Porch Roof Shape:
integrated (under the main)
Porch Roof Material:
Porch Columns/Posts (upper or only):
fluted stuccoed posts on
Porch Piers (lower):
Primary entryway:
Primary entryway is at the southwest corner of the building on the northeast corner of Collins Avenue and 11th street; Three low steps framed by two fluted rectangular columns lead up to the porch and directly to the primary entryway; Double door framed in pink coral stone; On the floor just before the primary entryway is a geometric multi-colored terrazzo floor design and the address of the building ("1111") in the floor.
Function and Use
Historic Function:
Domestic: Hotel
Present Function:
Domestic: Hotel
Function remarks:
Hotel now functions as a timeshare building
Listed, Designated, or Protected Status
Status Code:
Listed at the national level?
Individually Listed: No
Contributes to a District: Yes
Landmark: No
Date, name, remarks:
Miami Beach Architectural District, 1979
Designated at State/Province level?
Individually Listed: No
Contributes to a District: No
Landmark: No
Date, name, remarks:
Designated Locally?
Individually Listed: No
Contributes to a District: Yes
Landmark: No
Date, name, remarks:
Ocean Drive/Collins Avenue District, 1986
Protected by ordinance or regulation?:
Protection status, remarks:
Evaluation of Potential Eligibility
Rating or Rank
Recommended as a potential landmark?
C. Embodies distinctive physical characteristics of design, construction, or form.
Significance and Context
Period of significance
Significance/Context Remarks
Area(s) of Significance
Community Planning and Development

Ancillary Structures / Outbuildings
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Secondary structure type
Contributing to primary property?
Ancillary structures remarks or description:
Condition and Alterations
Character of modifications:
Sympathetic alterations or restoration
General Condition:
Moved or Relocated?:
Date moved or relocated:
Relocation remarks:
Date of major alterations:
Nature of alterations:
Conversion of select hotel rooms into apartment units
Date of major additions:
Addition Height:
Addition Placement:
Addition Type:
Nature of additions:
Endangered / Threatened
Endangered by:
Endangered/Threatened remarks:
Tourism / Featured Destination
Open to the public:
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For Sale, Rent, or Lease
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Name of Owner:
Owner Mailing Address:
Legal Description of Property/Comments:
Survey and Recorder
Authorized Resource Number or ID :
Optional Tracking or Sequence Number:
Alternate Resource ID or Key:
Survey Date:
Surveyed By:
Melinda Agron
Report Name, or Reason for Survey:
Re-survey of the district
Level of Survey:
Sources, References, Bibliography
Previously Surveyed?
Name of Previous Survey:
Additional Research Recommended?
Other Sources of Information:
Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser
City of Miami Beach Planning Department records
Miami Design Preservation League records
General Remarks:
Custom / Extra Information
Finished Floor Elevation (NAVD88):
Latitude: 25.7819575022662000
Longitude: -80.1313482668647900
UTM: Zone 17R   587094.5809 mE, 2851824.5468 mN
Datum WGS84
Tudor Hotel on the northeast corner of Collins Avenue and 11th street
Tudor Hotel west elevation (view when facing east on Collins Avenue)
Southwest corner of the Tudor Hotel
Tudor Hotel viewed from 11th street
Tudor Hotel south elevation (view when facing north on 11th street)
Tudor Hotel primary entryway on the northeast corner of Collins Avenue and 11th street
Primary entryway on the porch of the Tudor Hotel
Terrazzo floor design on the porch of the Tudor Hotel
Porch along the south elevation at the Tudor Hotel (view facing east)
Porch along the south elevation at the Tudor Hotel (view facing west)
Terrazzo floor design on the porch of the Tudor Hotel
Balustrade along the porch of the Terrazzo floor design on the porch of the Tudor Hotel
Terrazzo floor design and stone veneer in the lobby of the Tudor Hotel
Staircase in the lobby of the Tudor Hotel
Terrazzo floor design in the lobby of the Tudor Hotel
Terrazzo floor design deeper into the Tudor Hotel

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