1701 Collins Ave Miami Beach, Florida USA

Ritz Plaza Hotel

Construction date: documented 1940*

Current name:

Ritz Plaza Hotel


L. Murray Dixon


L. & H. Miller Construction Co.


Collins avenue hotel, Art Deco.

Ziggurat roofline; Stepped building form; Vertical racing stripe up entire center window bay of building; Less-pronounced vertical racing stripes up center of north/south elevations; Horizontal banding at upper cornice; Exterior and interior multi-colored terrazzo floor designs; Sign tower with "Ritz Plaza Hotel" neon signage; Horizontal banding at sign tower; Corner windows; Stuccoed masonry balustrade surrounding property; Keystone veneer at ground level

Open to the public:


Significant Owner(s):

Joseph Edell (original)


Status of Historic Designation:

Designated at National level : Miami Beach Architectural District, 1979
Designated at Local level : Ocean Drive/Collins Avenue District, 1986

Area(s) of Significance:

Community Planning and Development

Associated Files:

Architectural Description:

This is a 11-story, 7-bay hotel in the Art Deco style built in 1940. The building is rectangular in plan. The foundation is wood piling. Exterior walls are keystone and stucco. Windows are replacement aluminum jalacy casement. There is a full-span open porch characterized by a none roof. Full-span protruding uncovered porch runs the length of the west elevation; Raised ten low steps off ground level; Surrounded by stuccoed balustrade of evenly-placed porthole shapes that are crossed at their center; Multi-colored terrazzo floor designs. Primary entryway is centered on the west elevation, directly across from the porch entry; Bordered by two-story high wooden round pilaster (mostly covered in fixed windows). There is a single-story, upper story, extension addition. Addition of two apartment units on 11th floor (N. A. Seiderman, architect).

* Date source: Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser

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