I-290 Corridor Architectural Survey

  • 1037 S Humphrey Ave
  • 1002 S Ridgeland Ave
  • 834 Wesley Ave
  • 920 Home Ave
  • 812 S Maple Ave
  • 941 S Elmwood Ave
  • 928 S Grove Ave
  • 1016 Lyman Ave

In August 2011, Preservation Services and Technology Group (PSATG) performed an architectural survey and evaluation of a section of the Oak Park Neighborhood and the I-290, Eisenhower Expressway Corridor in Oak Park, Illinois. The project was initiated by The Village of Oak Park and the Oak Park Historic Preservation Commission.

The purpose of the project was to perform an intensive architectural survey of the I-290 corridor between Austin and Harlem Streets. These two streets represent the east and west boundaries for Oak Park and they contain the center-lane exit ramps that are unique to the design of the I-290 that runs through Oak Park.

The target area for the architectural survey was roughly one block on either side of I-290, and the I-290 corridor as well. The goals of the project are to identify historic resources for their potential designation as historic landmarks and/or historic districts

Architectural Styles
Craftsman 248
Chicago 21
20th Century Commercial 12
Building Types
Bungalow 417
Foursquare 221
Gable front 102
Ernest Braucher 70
Lyman Allison 10
Alexander V. Capraro 9
Single-family residence 799
Multi-family residence 50
Apartment building 21