Richmond Indiana

  • 2001 Reeveston Rd
  • 114 S 13th St
  • 228 S 4th St
  • 229 S 4th St
  • 1829 E Main St
  • 2221 E Main St
  • 405 S E St
  • 610 W Main St
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Welcome to historic Richmond, Indiana!

Richmond is the seat of Wayne County, located in east central Indiana along the Ohio state line. The city hosts four National Register Historic Districts: (1) Old Richmond, (2) Richmond Railroad Station; (3) East Main Street-Glen Miller Park; and (4) Starr Neighborhood. These districts are highlighted on the interactive map to the right. Click on individual districts to learn more!

The properties highlighted in this gallery are ranked "Outstanding" in the 2001 Interim Report of Wayne County. This report, conducted by the Indiana Historic Sites and Structures Inventory, surveyed 6,766 properties in Wayne County. The significance of each property was evaluated by a professional architectural historian at Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana and then measured against the National Register Criteria for evaluation. Properties were assessed in terms of their historical significance, architectural merit, environment, and integrity. Attempts were also made to determine how much of the original architectural fabric remained. A property’s rating may have been lowered if it experienced extensive alterations, such as the application of artificial siding, removal of trim or porches, later additions, changes to windows, or structural modifications.

The 50 residential, commercial and public sites in this gallery have enough historic or architectural significance to be considered for individual listing in the National Register of Historic Places. “Outstanding” resources can be of local, state, or national importance.

Architectural Styles
Free Classic 4
Tudor 3
Italianate 3
John A. Hasecoster 3
Werking & Son 2
Stephen O. Yates 2
Abandonment 8
Neglect 3
Demolition 1
House 35
Church 3
Commercial building 1