700 Henry Clay St Shelbyville, Kentucky USA

700 Henry Clay St

Construction date: ca. 1890-1899


Queen anne, Queen Anne


Status of Historic Designation:

Designated at National level : Shelbyville West Historic District, 1985
Designated at Local level : Shelbyville Historic District



Period of Significance:


Area(s) of Significance:


Architectural Description:

This is a 2.5-story, multiple-bay commercial building in the Queen Anne style built in the period 1890-1899. The structural system is frame. The foundation is stone. Exterior walls are original weatherboard. The house features several ornate features and its porch roof has a conical roof element. The building has a multi-plane/complex roof clad in replacement asphalt shingles. There are three internal brick chimneys. Windows are original wood, 1/1 double-hung sashes. There are also two prominent bay window features as well. There is an ornate wrap-around porch element.

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