1111 N Madison St Albany, Georgia United States

McKemie Apartments

Construction date: 1939*


Threat: Encroaching Development


Apartment/multi-unit complex, Colonial Revival.

The U-shaped form is very minimal with side wings projecting slightly from the rear elevation. Unlike its neighbor 1107 N. Madison, the front projecting 2-story bays feature gable roofs and the side bays do not have front-facing gables. In the rear, the side bays are hipped and project slightly from the rear elevation.

Historical Summary:

This apartment building is directly associated with 1107 N. Madison and 1110 Rawson Circle. They were all constructed in the same year and have identical floor plans and form. Roof types and exterior finish vary slightly. According to the 1953-1954 City Directory, the buildings were owned by different individuals, and this particular building was referred to as McKemie Apartments.


Status of Historic Designation:

Not currently designated at national, state, or local level

Evaluation of Potential Eligibility:

Potentially eligible as a contributing resource

Architectural Description:

This is a 2-story apartment building in the Colonial Revival style built in 1939. The building is u in plan. The structural system is balloon frame. Exterior walls are original brick veneer. The building has a low hip roof clad in asphalt shingles. Four interior brick chimneys. Windows are original wood, 6/6 double-hung sashes. Large, multi-light, metal casement windows are historic.

* Date source: Dougherty County Tax Assessor

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