Below are just some of the historic preservation organizations who trust RuskinARC to reduce cost and save more historic properties.

Survey of Miami Beach's Art Deco Treasures

RuskinARC lets teams map and organize the largest concentration of Art Deco architecture in the US. The interactive collection can be exported to Florida SHPO inventory forms.

The Art Deco District is the economic engine behind the rebirth of Miami Beach --- a shining example of the value of historic preservation.

RuskinARC is perfect to promote and manage these assets. It's critical for their continued preservation and as an educational tool for the public.
-- Judith Frankel, Miami Design Preservation League

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Preserving the Oak Park/Frank Lloyd Wright Historic District

Oak Park is a center of the Prairie School of Architecture and contains the largest concentration of Prairie style homes in the country.

Staff, volunteers, and professionals use iPads, tablets, and desktops to build this ever-growing catalog.

RuskinARC is simply the best foundation for planning the future of our historic properties at this scale.
-- Doug Kaarre, planner, Village of Oak Park, Illinois

Oak Park's residential stock also contains a wide range of architectural styles including Victorian, Queen Anne, Prairie, Bungalows, American Foursquare, and more.

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Architectural Survey of Historic Abilene, Texas

The city of Abilene, Texas boasts historic buildings from its late Victorian beginnings to Gothic Revival high-rises and mid-century modern commercial buildings.

In 2012 the Texas Historical Commission provided a matching grant to update the existing survey of the most important landmarks in Abilene. This is an on-going effort to keep these buildings publicly accessible and provide the most up to date information about these resources.

RuskinARC let me identify and document hundreds of historic properties in half the time it would have taken.
-- Stephanie Goodrich, Historic Preservation Officer, Abilene, Texas

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Cultural Resource Survey Data for Galena, Illinois

Recently the Galena Foundation asked if RuskinARC could show data from previous surveys that had become hard to manage and update.

We successfullly imported more than 1400 records and 3200 images from scattered sources and spreadsheets.

RuskinARC puts this critical historic preservation information at everyone's fingertips.
-- Craig Brown, The Galena Foundation

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A Step Ahead of Development: Historic Survey Results in Carmel, Indiana

In 2013 the City of Carmel hired a CRM firm to investigate potential historic districts. The firm used RuskinARC to manage the architectural survey work including attached research and even blueprints.

In the end seven potential districts were recommended using RuskinARC data and analysis. The findings guide the Carmel Historic Preservation Commission as it outlines policies for new development.

With this platform we can easily serve a variety of groups including City staff, the HPC, property owners, and neighborhoods interested in designation.
-- Carol Schleif, Carmel Historic Preservation Commission

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Surveying in Phases: 20th Century Neighborhoods in Albany, Georgia

History Incorporated is using RuskinARC in a multi-phase survey of historic buildings in Albany, Georgia.

Starting with the Rawson Circle/Park Neighborhoods, this survey will record historical resources forty years old or older. Research 2014-2015 will include a survey of the existing local district and eventually the entire community.

RuskinARC is exciting because we can move quickly and present our findings to clients and the public as we go.
-- Jaime Destefano, History Incorporated

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