Survey of the Troostwood Neighborhood

  • 5110-12 Paseo Blvd
  • 5115 Forest Ave
  • 5008 Lydia Ave
  • 5024 Lydia Ave
  • 5101 Lydia Ave
  • 4937 Lydia Ave
  • 5026 Virginia Ave
  • 5101 Troost Ave

Troostwood is a residential neighborhood of Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri. The neighborhood is located approximately 6 miles south of the Central Business District for Kansas City.

It's comprised of residential structures that were built primarily between 1920 and 1940, as part of a plan for community development and expansion of commerce along Troost Avenue. The area was designed and platted in stages beginning in 1905, with the South Paseo Place plat. That plat formed the basis from which other additions would be anchored, while at the same time establishing Lydia Avenue as the primary street within the development.

In 1910, the Board of Public Works approved the Rockhurst Park plat that fell between 52nd and 53rd Streets, as well as Troost Avenue to the west and Lydia Avenue to the east. Like previous plats, the area remained largely undeveloped for a time. Finally in 1918, the Troost Development Company platted the Troostwood addition that joined the various Lydia Avenue plats mentioned above. The plat ran east along 49th Street, south along Lydia to Rockhurst, then west along Rockhurst to Troost Avenue, then north along Troost back to 49th. The plat greatly expanded the development scheme to include more than 57 acres and hundreds of lots. With it came the street names of Forrest, Tracy, Virginia, and 49th Terrace.

Architectural Styles
Tudor 24
Craftsman 22
Bungalow 18
Building Types
Bungalow 148
Gable front 24
Irregular/asymmetrical-plan 18
Jessie F. Lauck 4
J. H. Anderson 3
Swanson Brey & Associates 2
Domestic building 311
Non-contributing vacant lot 21