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Frequently Asked Questions

What software and hardware do I need?

There's nothing to install or download. You only need an internet connection on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Can you import old surveys or existing data?

Yes, we can import hundreds or thousands of photos and data from previous architectural survey work. We do it as a professional service, so talk to us about what you have.

Can I use my device's built-in camera?

Yes, you can use the built-in camera on your smartphone or tablet. You can also use a DSL camera and upload photos from your home or office.

Does it work for the National Register?

Yes. We're preservation pros ourselves. RuskinARC is compliant with the National Register of Historic Places, the National Park System, and nearly every state or local designation process. But it's not limited; we also have clients in Canada and other countries.

You don't have my state survey form yet.

We're adding new forms all the time. When you join us, your state's form will jump to the top of the list. You can still enter all of your information into RuskinARC and when the state form is ready, everything will just work.

Can I customize it for my survey project or area?

Yes, you can add your own questions, styles, materials, and other features if you don't see what you need for your projects. Because it's already so comprehensive most clients don't need to do this.

Who uses it?

We have clients all over the US. Historic Preservation and Landmarks Commissions, Planning departments, CRM firms, Design Review Boards, Main Street programs, Certified Local Governments, Heritage & Tourism offices, and more. It's designed for anyone charged with identifying and understanding the value of historic assets. Take a look at our showcase.

Is my data locked in RuskinARC?

No. You own everything you put in and you can export it all any time. We make no claims to your pictures, documents or information. If you want to make it public you can, if you don't you don't. You always have full control.

Can I upgrade or cancel?

You can upgrade at any time without affecting your information or re-entering anything. And if you cancel we'll refund any months you didn't yet use.

Is my information secure?

Every picture, data, and document is backed up off-site every night and locked behind our secure system. We don't want anyone losing all their hard work.