West Davis and East Park Neighborhoods, Johnson City, TN

  • 120 W Unaka Ave
  • 113 E Watauga Ave
  • 208 E 8th Ave
  • 223 E Chilhowie Ave
  • 243 W Gilmer Park
  • 119 E 10th Ave
  • 205 W Gilmer Park
  • 309 N Gilmer Park

The West Davis Park and East Avenue survey area is made up of predominantly 20th-century residential structures built in the period 1910-1940. There are two remaining 19th century residential structures that appear to be associated with the original W. S. Campbell Addition that was platted in 1889. Examined collectively, the architectural period of significance for this area appears to be from 1889-1940.

Architectural Styles
Bungalow 40
Craftsman 36
Colonial Revival 26
Building Types
Gable front 84
Bungalow 77
Rectangular 56
Domestic building 669
Non-contributing vacant lot 61
Commercial building 35