North Shore Historic District (National)

  • 7810 Abbott Ave
  • 346 86th St
  • 8540 Byron Ave
  • 430 81st St
  • 8025 Crespi Blvd
  • 7601 Byron Ave
  • 8435 Crespi Ave
  • 421 77th St

The North Shore Historic District located in Miami Beach comprises a large mixed use area of mainly mid-20th century architecture. Its boundaries generally encompass 87th Street on the north, Collins Avenue and Ocean
Terrace on the east, 73rd Street on the south, and Crespi Boulevard on the west. Within this roughly 61 block area are 569 buildings, 473 of which are contributing buildings and 96 of which are noncontributing. The contributing buildings are mainly examples of modest Post-World War II tourist hotels, apartment buildings, and commercial buildings that constitute a distinctive built environment of resort architecture that differs from the more famous Miami Beach Architectural District located in South Beach.

The North Shore Historic District owes much of its character to the repetition of similar building types and styles within a compact space. The contributing buildings represent a variety of styles including Mediterranean Revival,
Moderne, Wood Frame Vernacular, Masonry Vernacular, and Post-War Modern styles, many of which exhibit distinct local adaptations that have become recognized as “Miami Modernism” (MiMo). These mostly flatroofed
buildings are faced in field stone, slump brick, patterned stucco, and perforated concrete screens punctuated by distinctive pylon forms, and projecting concrete fins, and decorative modern metal details.

The largely multi-residential development grew up mainly after World War II, and its planning was largely designed around garden oriented apartment buildings emphasizing the simple modern architectural motifs of mid-century America. These elements were used in conjunction with small garden patios which convey an architectural ambience characteristic of both the North Beach District and the nearby Normandy Isles Historic District (NR
11/12/08). The North Shore Historic District, in combination with the Normandy Isles Historic District, represents important architectural and cultural landmarks of postwar Miami as well as of mid-century America.

Architectural Styles
Post War Modern 277
Vernacular 26
Miami Modern 21
Building Types
Apartment/multi-unit complex 445
Commercial 3
Modern hotel 2
Gerard Pitt 51
Gilbert M. Fein 34
Harry O. Nelson 28
For Sale
Residential 1
Multi-family residence 440
Single-family residence 20
Hotel 6