101 20th St Miami Beach, Florida USA


Construction date: documented 1936*

Current name:

The Setai


Henry Hohauser


O'Neill & Orr


Art Deco.

This Art Deco building is symmetrical. It has a series of bas reliefs on the facade of the building. The bas reliefs have a floral theme. There are other reliefs with zig zag decorations and there are chevron patterns above the windows on the center axis of the facade. The structure also has fluted pilasters on its facade. The structure has a ziggurat roof on all four elevations of the main structure. The roof line of the building has a horizontal band with bas floral relief decoration. The corner edges of the first floor have a stepped edge.

Historical Summary:

This art deco structure had originally 116 rooms and then 76 rooms were added to make a total of 192 rooms on an 8 story structure.


Status of Historic Designation:

Designated at National level : Miami Beach Historic District
Designated at Local level : Ocean Drive-Collins Avenue Historic District

Architectural Description:

This is a 8-story domestic building in the Art Deco style built in 1936. The structural system is concrete block stucco. The foundation is spread footing. The building has a flat roof. The structure has Jalousie windows on its facade and on the first floor it has fixed storefront windows. The primary entryway is located on the west elevation, on Collins and it is recessed from the facade under an over hang.

* Date source: City of Miami Beach Building Department records

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