150 20th St Miami Beach, Florida USA

Town House

Construction date: documented 1938*


Robert A. Taylor


Fred Howland, Inc


Art Deco.

The Town House is an Art Deco structure. It has a symmetrical axis. The facade has 4 pilaster with jalousie windows along with glass blocks . The porch area also has Iron work for the railings along with breeze block decorations on the wall below the jalousie windows. On the east & west elevation there are a series of eyebrows above window openings. On the roof there are two pent house rooms that create a stepped roof line. The structure also has a tower on the north west elevation with glass blocks.

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Historical Summary:

Originally 1 building, however, an addition was added in 1954 on the north west elevation ( lot 3 ). The architects for the addition were M.S Weintraub & M. Fellman.


Status of Historic Designation:

Designated at National level : Miami Beach Architectural District
Designated at Local level : ocean drive-collins avenue historic district

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Architectural Description:

This is a 5-story domestic building in the Art Deco style built in 1938. The structural system is concrete block stucco. The foundation is wood piling. The building has a built-up roof. The primary entryway is located on the north elevation, on 20th street and it is recessed from the facade under an over hang.

* Date source: City of Miami Beach Building Department records

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