22 Star Island Ave Miami Beach, Florida USA

22 Star Island Ave

Construction date: documented 1928*


John B. Orr, Inc.


Mediterranean Revival.

Asymmetrical structure; 6 bedroom 3 bathroom house; 2 floors; clay barrel tile roof; balconies on all sides with brackets underneath; small fluted columns with Corinthian capitals and bas-relief frieze like band; mixed style windows, fixed, jalousie & casement ; rounded arches on the first floor and semi-rounded windows and a tower on the southwest side of the building with an iron wind directional & cardinal directional on top.


Status of Historic Designation:

Not currently designated at national, state, or local level

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Architectural Description:

This is a 2-story single-family residence in the Mediterranean Revival style built in 1928. The foundation is wood piling.

* Date source: City of Miami Beach Building Department records

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