Gunderson Historic District (Second)

RuskinARC makes reporting fast and easy.

Charts and Graphs

See a visual breakdown of historic resources: styles, architects, construction dates, building types, and more.

Designated Resources

Generate a table showing only resources that are designated at national, state, or local levels.

Architectural Descriptions

RuskinARC writes smart architectural descriptions for you, for all your resources. The more information you put in, the richer the description.

Downloads and Exports

Download organized packages or export the data to useful formats including Excel, GIS, and CSV.

Clients only.

Survey and Inventory Forms

RuskinARC will produce Historic Resource Inventory Forms for you as PDFs, one per resource. Download them all with one click.

Clients only.

Pro Surveyor's Table

Generate a table of your historic resources in a format suited for architectural survey jobs, section 106 reports, or district designations.

Clients only.


More reports are in development. To request a specific report for your resources, just contact us

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