1116 Ocean Dr Miami Beach, Florida USA

Casa Casuarina Apartments (later: Amsterdam Palace)

Construction date: 1930*

Current name:

The Villa by Barton G.


Henry La Pointe


Hubbell & Hubbell, Inc.


Apartment/multi-unit complex, Mediterranean Revival, Gothic/Neo-Gothic.

Highly ornamented primary entryway (decorative columns, carved stone, neo-gothic pointed arch above door); Arches above windows; Wrought-iron grilles and railings; Balconies; Clay barrel tile roof; Lush gardens

Historical Summary:

Fashion designer Gianni Versace purchased 1116 Ocean Drive in 1992 and spent $33 million in expansion and renovations. Versace famously purchased, and subsequently demolished, the adjoining building and land to the south (the Revere Hotel at 1110 Ocean Drive), where he expanded the original building, as well as added a luxurious pool and gardens. Versace was shot and killed on the steps of his home in 1997.

Significant Owner(s):

Gianni Versace


Status of Historic Designation:

Designated at National level : Miami Beach Architectural District, 1979
Designated at Local level : Ocean Drive/Collins Avenue District, 1986

Area(s) of Significance:

Community Planning and Development

Associated Files:

Architectural Description:

This is a 3-story, multiple-bay domestic building in the Mediterranean Revival style with Gothic/Neo-Gothic influences built in 1930. The structural system is concrete block stucco. The foundation is concrete pile. Exterior walls are original stucco. Carved stone used as exterior material surrounding primary entryway. The building has a mansard roof clad in replacement spanish tile. Windows are replacement aluminum casements. Windows vary in shape and size. Primary entryway is marked by a one and a half story-high wooden door shaped by a pointed arch in a gothic revival style. The doorway is ornamented by carved stone that extends up to the bottom of the third floor. There is an extension addition. Addition of south wing, a pool lined with 24-carat gold, mosaics and frescoes, and lush gardens.

* Date source: Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser

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