1757 Collins Ave Miami Beach, Florida USA

Richmond Hotel

Construction date: documented 1941*

Current name:

Richmond Hotel


L. Murray Dixon


Pollack Construction Company


Miami Modern.

terrazzo floor; elevated open porch entryway; eyebrows with rounded corners; "The Richmond" neon signage; tripartite facade; symmetrical; ziggurat roofline; vertical bands; corner windows;

Open to the public:


Historical Summary:

Originally the Richmond Hotel had 76 rooms and no restaurant. In 1954, Melvin Grossman did a 6-story addition of 25 new hotel rooms, remodeled ten of the hotel rooms in the old building, and the lobby area. Later that year Grossman also did an addition of cabanas and a new storage room.


Status of Historic Designation:

Designated at National level : Miami Beach Architectural District
Designated at Local level : Ocean-Drive Collins Avenue Historic District

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Architectural Description:

This is a 3-story, 3-bay domestic building in the Miami Modern style built in 1941. The structural system is concrete block stucco. The foundation is spread footing. Exterior walls are original stucco and original stucco. The building has a flat roof with parapet walls. Windows are replacement aluminum single-hung sashes. There is a single-story open porch. The primary entryway is a double glass door centered on the west elevation. The surface around the entryway is cladded in marble veneer.

* Date source: City of Miami Beach Building Department records

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