Hogans Home Architectural Survey

  • 808 Home Ave
  • 522 Home Ave
  • 614 Home Ave
  • 726 Home Ave
  • 700 Home Ave
  • 620 Home Ave
  • 850 Home Ave
  • 708 Home Ave
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Henry Hogans was a prominent Oak Park builder between 1894 and 1925. Hogans was born in Norway in 1859 and settled in Chicago in 1877. He moved to Oak park in 1894 and worked as a builder here for 30 years. He is credited with the construction of hundreds of homes and apartment buildings in Oak Park and Chicago.

This subdivision on Home Avenue was built in 1913 and 1914 and represents a variety of repeating house types designed in the Craftsman style. The one and two-story homes are modest in size, and were originally clad in stucco. The subdivision provides a unique neighborhood character due to the shallow lots along the east side of the street.

Architectural Styles
Craftsman 26
Building Types
Rectangular 14
Bungalow 7
Square 2
Single-family residence 26